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For our big hearted little friends

Our Products

Our products are not limited with the ones listed here.
We can work on any model you prefer! You can ask for any change in the colors, sizes, figures and even shapes of the products according to your own preferences.
It is limited with your imagination, and we are here to verify them within the limits of raw materials and technology!
Each day we are developing new products for our “Big hearted little friends” and we will be add here!

Bird Toys

Rotipet Bird Toys are designed for the small, medium and big birds. The small toys are ideal for budgies, medium toys are ideal for parakeets and big toys are ideal for Parrots. The toys are painted with food grade color, to keep your birds in safe.The leathers are real natural leather. The ropes are %100 cotton. We do not use any material not suitable for your birds. We can manufacture any type of toys, you want. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your requirements.

RTP658 Papağan Oyuncağı 9.png
RTP 2002.png

Cat Scratchers

Save your furniture and carpets. Your cat will have healthy claws and a place to release stress. Good exercise for your little friend.

Hamster Toys

Your little friends can be more in action with our toys

RTP643 Hamster Döner Merdiven.jpg

Mineral and Calcium Blocks

Mineral Blocks, Calcium Blocks, Grit, Bird Sand, Sanded perchs.

Contact Us

Rotifer Su Urunleri ve Yayincilik San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.
Metal Isleri Kisik Sanayi Sitesi, 4.Cadde, No:19, Kisikkoy, Menderes, 35476 Izmir, TURKEY

+90 232 2575554

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